Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

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A Southern California lifestyle guarantees endless opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities, premier shopping, fine dining, and upscale experiences. Whether moving to the area for the first time or transitioning to a different home in the region, the experienced professionals at OMNI Real Estate Group can help you find the perfect property.

If you are contemplating hosting an open house to sell your current residence, you can increase exposure and attract a vast range of potential buyers in several ways. Our team has assembled a list of open house tips for sellers to help ensure you make the most of your showing and secure an attractive offer so you can begin the search for your next dream home.

From the start

When you are ready to open your home to potential buyers, the first thing to do is ensure your house is prepared to withstand intense scrutiny. While potential buyers will tour your property looking for features that stand out, they will also look for any noticeable flaws that could lower the asking price.

Take care of any necessary repairs before scheduling an open house. If your home needs a fresh coat of paint, the yard work requires your attention, or the residence needs a good cleaning, do all this before letting interested buyers onto your property. Ignoring minor issues could lead to the loss of a lucrative sale, so don't skip corners when getting your house showcase ready.

Should you host an open house?

An open house is a good idea for properties located in high-demand residential areas. A seller with a unique home that stands out compared to others in the neighborhood can also benefit from an open house. In both instances, prospective buyers will be anxious to tour the properties. While pictures and videos of your property may be available online, some people prefer to touch, see, and feel a property before making an offer to determine whether the house matches their personality and lifestyle.

A house in a high-demand area in a great location will be an appealing draw for buyers interested in living in your area. When competing against other sellers, an open house can make all the difference, swaying a buyer once they have visited the property.

When is the best time to host an open house?

It is essential to pick a day and time that attracts the most traffic to your home. Scheduling an open house during the week when people are busy with work, school, and other errands is not ideal.

Instead, select a weekend to get the best turnout for your open house. Sundays are the most popular day to hold an open house, as most people have the time to visit properties they may be interested in purchasing. Be careful you don't schedule your open house during a holiday weekend. Check the local activity calendar to ensure there are no events planned that may deter visitors from attending your showing.

The best time to hold an open house is between noon and 4 p.m., giving people enough time to get to your property while avoiding traffic congestion in the surrounding areas. It also ensures the sun will be shining, making it possible for buyers to see the interior and exterior of your home in a good light before it gets dark.

Should you attend your open house?

While staying in your home during an open house may be tempting, it is wiser to let your realtor handle the showing. Visitors will be more at ease critiquing the property and questioning a third party rather than the owner.

Once you have prepared your home and it is ready to go under the spotlight, spend the time doing something you enjoy, and leave the open house to your realtor to manage.

How should you market your open house?

Once you are ready for a showing, connect with your realtor, and determine a plan for advertising the event. To increase traffic on the day of the showing, consider utilizing a range of avenues, such as:
  • The realtor's website: Listing an open house on your realtor's website will attract serious buyers actively searching for a new home in your area.
  • Social media channels: Advertising an open house on Twitter and Facebook will alert friends, neighbors, and co-workers of the showing, and they, or someone they know, may be interested in attending.
  • Physical signage: Your realtor could place professional signage throughout the area, alerting prospective buyers of the event.
  • Word of mouth: Letting everyone you know about the open house increases the likelihood of having a successful turnout.

Make your home look its best

Many sellers prefer to hire a cleaning company to give their home a deep cleaning before a scheduled open house to ensure every area of the property sparkles and shines. Open all curtains and window blinds on the day of the showing to let natural light through, making rooms feel open and welcoming. Remember to clean all window accessories for a spotless presentation, and replace any burnt-out lightbulbs to ensure the light turns on.

Pay attention to the exterior of your property. Ensure the grass is mowed, trees are trimmed, and landscaping is up to par. An attractive curb appeal will entice potential buyers to come inside and see the property rather than just do a quick drive-by.

If your home has a pool, ensure the water is crystal clear, the patio furniture is spotless, and the surrounding deck is free of unsightly stains, debris, or clutter. It could be a selling feature of your home, so be sure the entire area looks inviting.

Professional staging can highlight the best features of your property

While your home may be ideal for you and your family, a professional staging company can provide a new perspective. They will move furniture, wall hangings, carpets, and other items to make the home more appealing to a general audience. Reducing clutter makes the property appear larger and helps buyers notice the home's best features without distractions.

According to the 2023 Profile of Home Staging from The National Association of Realtors, 81% of buyers' agents reported that "staging made it easier for their clients to visualize the property as their home."

Prepare your house for visitors

Do not let your pets remain in the house during the showing, and remove any feeding bowls, beds, or toys. Some people do not like animals and may be bothered by the presence of a pet in the home.

Remove valuable items, such as jewelry, artwork, and expensive clothing, to eliminate the temptation of unsavory guests who may attempt to steal your belongings during an open house. Remove all family photos and personal items from living spaces and bedrooms so buyers can imagine themselves in the house without distractions.

Partner with a qualified realtor to ensure a successful open house

Following the above-listed open house tips for sellers will guarantee a successful showing and help you sell your home quickly so you can move on to the next adventure. Working with an experienced realtor is the best way to guarantee everything on this list happens smoothly. At OMNI Real Estate Group | Bennion Deville Homes, we have extensive experience working in Southern California and the Coachella Valley, and our team can help you schedule an open house or help you find a new property to call home. Contact us today to get started!

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