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Things to Do in Palm Desert

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The Coachella Valley's epicenter, Palm Desert is a wondrous destination with myriad opportunities for recreation, education, shopping, and entertainment. Surrounded by the majestic desert landscapes of southern California, this vibrant community offers visitors and residents alike exciting arts & cultural activities. Prospective homeowners in this area are on the lookout for things to do in Palm Desert –– and there are plenty.

Outdoor Adventures in Palm Desert

Civic Center Park

An everyday trip to the park typically doesn't include a visit to a rose garden, yet Palm Desert’s Civic Center Park is an exception. Discover something for everyone –– from sports fields and tennis courts to amphitheaters and skate parks. There are even dog parks and picnic areas that will guarantee fun-filled days with loved ones.

Civic Center Park is the crown jewel of Palm Desert, with its immense size drawing countless people to partake in its many festivities. From summer and fall concerts to Veterans Day gatherings and Fourth of July celebrations, it's no surprise that it has become a hub for community activities and events.

Joshua Tree National Park

Step into Joshua Tree National Park and be enthralled by two unique desert ecosystems, the Mojave and Colorado, that join forces in this breathtaking wilderness. You'll discover a captivating array of wildlife nestled amongst strong winds-carved landforms as well as unpredictable downpours that have shaped this magical place.

From its starry night skies to its exquisite geologic features and the cultural heritage profoundly ingrained throughout –– come explore one of the best things to do in Palm Desert.

Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

Standing tall, the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument rises to 10,834 feet above sea level. Drawing people in with its majestic beauty, visitors can revel in spectacular palm oases along with snow-capped peaks as they traverse the scenic trail that runs through it. Hikers can begin their trek near Palm Desert, in the Coachella Valley, or in an alpine town named Idyllwild.

Spas in Palm Desert

Desert Serenity Float and Spa

Desert Serenity offers massages, seaweed wraps, facials, and all of the usual services found at a beloved spa- but here, anyone can go for a float. Unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life with floatation therapy, also known as “floating." Not only does this provide a luxurious retreat, but it's also a natural way to restore both your body and mind.

Divine Sound

Like a spa for your mind, Divine Sound provides the ultimate haven for all who wish to enhance their spiritual practice and rejuvenate themselves. Their Palm Desert gallery displays a selection of rare decor pieces and crystal singing bowls that will leave you in awe. Come explore their magical space and enjoy the benefits of a sound bath at Divine Sound.

All About Massage

All About Massage is the preeminent authority when it comes to massage therapy-so much so that they are officially certified as the Massage Providers for professional tennis players during March's BNP Paribas Open. They carefully select their massage therapists and specialize in providing customized massage therapy for everyone.

Family-Friendly Activities in Palm Desert

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Palm Desert is not complete without a trip to The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens. Families appreciate the array of desert animal exhibits and plants from various regions around the world and have the chance to experience an immersive walkabout — with wallabies hopping about and cockatiels soaring in the sky — while touring the brand-new Australian Adventure. Don't forget that giraffe feedings are available for picture-perfect moments.

Palm Desert Aquatic Center

Take the plunge into a world of year-round entertainment at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center, boasting three pools and multiple slides, diving boards, as well as other fun activities. Perfect for any age group to have an unforgettable time! The 8-acre facility can be rented out in its entirety or partially for private events such as corporate functions and swimming competitions.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Even though it's not in Palm Desert proper, this is worth the short drive. Exhilarating tramcars will take you up to the 8,516' elevation of Mt. San Jacinto, where you can enjoy mesmerizing views while strolling amongst towering pines. 

During the summer, embark on an adventure with your family as you explore miles of thrilling hiking trails. When winter comes around, witness how the landscape has changed and enjoy all that it has to offer as you create special moments while playing in a picturesque winter wonderland.

Cultural Activities in Palm Desert

Art in Public Places

Thanks to the City’s innovative Art in Public Places program, Palm Desert is a stunningly beautiful environment that all residents and visitors are encouraged to explore. With more than 150 artworks integrated into the City's landscape, including desert-modern bus shelters and calming water sculptures, you won't have any difficulty indulging your artistic side here! Take pleasure in these diverse pieces of artwork –– some larger than life –– scattered throughout this captivating cityscape.

The McCallum Theatre

Come experience the McCallum Theatre, which has been praised as one of the country’s finest presenting theaters. From world-class performing artists and dynamic ensembles to captivating dance companies, you will be amazed by the variety of entertainment available at this state-of-the-art center! With an intimate environment, you won't miss any part of the show.

Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert

Founded in 1938, Palm Springs Art Museum began as the Palm Springs Desert Museum at La Plaza in downtown Palm Springs. It provided natural science exhibits, artifacts from indigenous peoples, and guided hikes when it opened. In 2012, a new location opened up with the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden, featuring 14 impressive sculptures surrounded by breathtakingly landscaped gardens.

Start the Life of Your Dreams in Palm Desert

A town renowned as a hub of culture and luxury, there are many things to do in Palm Desert has attracted people who desire a more laid back lifestyle since its inception. Contact OMNI Real Estate Group to start your journey to home ownership in Palm Desert today.

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