What ‘Move-in Ready’ Really Means: Is a Move-In Ready Home Right for You?

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Throughout Southern California, including Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, you will find several incredible sights and amenities. Not only is the area stunningly gorgeous, with warm weather that will have you eager to get outside, but you will also find attractions such as the Sunnylands Center and Gardens, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which make outdoor adventuring more accessible than ever. If you're thinking about moving to the area to experience these incredible amenities, you may be considering the benefits of a move-in ready home.

What is a move-in ready home?

A move-in ready home is one that you can occupy immediately, with no need for major renovations and changes. With a move-in ready home, you should not need to make repairs in key areas.

The outdoor details: Roofs, windows, and siding

When you choose a move-in ready home, expect a leak-proof exterior: a roof with no major structural problems, for example, and refreshed siding. The home should have intact drainage systems, including gutters, and the windows should have no cracks, holes, or leaks. Furthermore, both the roof and siding should have considerable life remaining, which means you won't have to worry about replacing them quickly after you move in.

Pipes and plumbing

In a move-in ready home, you will find there are no major plumbing problems. The home will have clear, running water, with no signs of rust or debris in the pipes, and the drains should be clear of any obvious blockages. You should also have access to both hot and cold water.

Electrical wiring and systems

An up-to-code electrical system is essential to a move-in ready home. Not only should all rooms have working, accessible electricity, but an inspection should not result in any potential electrical problems that need further attention.

Cooling systems

It can get hot in Southern California. With highs in the Rancho Mirage area climbing to more than 107 degrees in July, having an adequate cooling system is essential. A move-in ready home will need working air conditioning that helps control the climate in every room. Make sure the heating system works, as lows can fall below 45 degrees.

The kitchen: Appliances and more

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and having an updated kitchen is a key part of your move-in ready property. In the kitchen, all major appliances should be in working order and not in need of any essential repairs.

Floors: Carpets, tiles, and flooring

The floor in a move-in ready home is level and tidy, without any carpet pulling up or damaged flooring that needs to be replaced before you move in. Major flooring repairs can seriously derail your plans to move into a new home, so checking for level flooring is a vital part of making sure the property is move-in ready.

Paint and cosmetics

Painting a room, or touching up the paint in a room, is usually a relatively quick fix. In a move-in ready home, there is no need to worry about any major painting projects unless you decide that you want to repaint a room in a different color to fit your unique aesthetic.

Finding the move-in ready home of your dreams

Finding a move-in ready home starts with letting your real estate agent know what you are looking for — a property that does not require any major improvements so you can move in quickly. Your real estate agent can narrow down the list of properties you view or tour according to these requirements.

Make sure you have an inspection performed before you're ready to purchase. An inspector can identify any major problems that might prevent you from moving into the house right away.

Is a move-in ready home right for you?

Move-in ready homes offer many advantages:

  • You can move into the property faster since you won't have to be concerned about major repairs before you move in, which is ideal if you have to make a quick move to Rancho Mirage or Palm Springs.
  • You will not have to worry about major maintenance in your early years of homeownership.
  • Move-in ready properties often include designer features and fixtures that create a stunning finish that you will be delighted to show off.
Move-in ready properties may also provide easier financing options, as you will not have to finance the cost of big projects as part of your move. However, if you want to put your personal touch on a property or are hoping to make final renovations yourself, you may not want to seek out a move-in ready home.

Planning your move to a move-in ready home: Essentials to consider

Your move to a move-in ready home is often more streamlined than moving to a property that needs work ahead of time. However, it is still a major undertaking!

1. Pack up your items, and get them ready to move into your new property. If you do not have time to take on the task yourself or require more assistance, consider hiring professional moving services to come in and help with the packing.

2. Determine when to move items to the property. Make sure there are no delays after closing that might give the current owners more time to move out of the property.

3. Set a timeline for unpacking to get the most use out of your new property as soon as possible.

4. Take the time to check out local amenities. Talk to your real estate agent at Bennion Deville Homes about the best restaurants, attractions, and shopping centers in the area so that you can easily find them when the time comes. Take a walk around and check out local parks and walking trails.

5. Get to know the local school system, if needed.

Luxury real estate agents help streamline your move to Southern California

If you are moving to the Southern California area, having the right real estate team on your side can help you find the move-in ready home of your dreams. Bennion Deville Homes, part of OMNI Real Estate Group, is here to help with your real estate needs. Contact us today to start searching for your next property in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and the surrounding areas.

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